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The Design House works with start-up business and established companies offering design, manufacture and consultation services. We offer graphic design for logos, branding, labels and packaging. We work with clients to design from concept to working drawings and can provide full scale prototypes. We can then take the product into small scale production where you can test the market and continue to supply it without having to commit to high minimum order quantities and costly mass production start-up costs.

If your product grows in the local market and  our small scale production isn’t economically viable anymore we can bring your product into mass production in South-East Asia. Using our connections with freight companies and factories we can guarantee you quality and stress free production.

The first step is to get your product out there. Use our design house and skills to bring your idea and start-up to the next level.

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Design House Clients

One of the start-ups we have worked  with is We designed and are still manufacturing their shelves today. The process started with some sketches on an A4 page  and we prepared the working drawings and then went to working prototypes. Some issues were ironed out here and then we went into finished prototypes and finally production. Please see  for a list of all their products.

Design House - My Bike Shelf - Big Foot Shelf Big Foot shelf

Design shelf The Shelf


Le Bench

Le Bench are importers of finely crafted Indonisian teak garden benches.  They approached You Design looking for a new design to add as a limited collection to their range. They wanted the bench to be “stately” and from that brief You Design provided three initial concepts from which one was selected, we then went straight into a working prototype. Once everything was approved we supplied Le Bench with a full set of working drawings which they sent to their own factory in Indonasia where the bench is made.


Design House-Le Bench-prototype

Le Bench prototype

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